Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Wonders of Hilot

Have you ever heard about "Hilot"? It is actually a form of massage. Here in the Philippines, Hilot is considered as an ancient Filipino art of healing. These Hilot are usually done in most of the provinces. They are mainly performed by Hilot Practitioners in which we called "Manghihilot". Other areas called their Hilot practitioners as Albularyos.
Well, this Hilot is used to relax stressed muscles and to remove joint pains. Here in our province in Cavite, most Manghihilots are using their bare hands to perform the said therapy. They apply coconut oil in their hands and will start massaging those affected body parts. Actually, some manghihilots are performing some rituals too to make their "Hilot" more effectively though i am not sure if these rituals are really that effective. Mom used to bring me in a manghihilot when i was a kid especially when i get "Bali" or dislocated or sprained joints. The manghihilot will gently massage the sprained area and he will do that for at least four to five sessions.
Hilot is widely popular here however, this kind of therapy is not yet being approved by almost all medical practitioners knowing that Manghihilots are not really trained to perform such therapy over their patients. There are also no scientific evidences yet that can prove that this therapy is really effective.
Well, Hilot actually employs chiropractic manipulation and massage for the diagnosis and treatment of some mascular related issues. However, unlike those Chiropractors Olympia in Oregon, these Manghihilots are not professionals and do not have training to perform such procedure. Chiropractic therapy, unlike Hilot, are widely accepted by medical practitioners since they have proven effective to treat those back pain, muscle pain, and other spinal related illnesses and injuries.
Well, as for me, i will rather have a Chiropractic Therapy than those Hilot rituals. First of all, chiropractors know what exactly they are doing and they can provide medical assistance if needed while Manghihilots can heal those back pains though they cannot diagnose the root caus of those pain.

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