Sunday, May 15, 2011

Birthday Preparation

My sister Mirasol will be celebrating her birthday this July and we are all excited about it. Time really run out so fast and it seems that it was just yesterday when she was just this little kid asking me to play with her and begging me to tell her some stories before she sleep. But now, look at her, she's acting more mature now and i will not be surprised if one day she will introduce us her boyfriend or her fiancé. Well, it only means that i am not getting any younger and actually feel so old already. I think i have to focus more now in my personal life and start thinking of having a family. I think i am on the right age already for that matters.
Anyway, let's go back to my sister's upcoming birthday celebration. I failed to give her a special birthday party last year so i want to make it extra special for her this year. I'm not sure if i need to rent a special venue for her or we just have to celebrate it at home and invite all her friends to come over and celebrate with her. I'm sure mom will cook all her special recipes especially the Sweetened-style spaghetti which is Mirasol's favorite. Well, Mirasol is too old already to have those kiddie parties, so no need to hire clowns or other entertainers but renting a Karaoke would be fun.
I just wish my budget will be good enough to support all these birthday plans. I better start saving my money for this very special occasion. i don't want to fail my sister again so i will try my best to make all these plans possible. But of course, i know there will be some unexpected expenses to come. If that's the case, then applying for a Fast Cash Loan is probably the best option i could have to cover the rest of my expenses. Good thing, i don't have to waste my time travelling or driving to the nearest lending company here in my area because i can now apply for it online. There's no need to wait that long too since the applications are being processed automatically and you can even cash out the money on the same day.
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