Sunday, December 4, 2011

Ideal Bathroom

When it comes to renovation or remodeling, what is the first thing that comes up to your mind? Huge expenses? Time consuming and stressing? Messy and dusty? Well, it is true that it might cost you a lot when you are renovating your house and keep in mind that it also involves some unexpected repairs when they found some faulty in your house which might cost you big time. It is time consuming and stressing indeed because as the owner of the house you have to monitor your workers from time to time and you have to communicate with them if ever they need something from you. It could be very messy and dusty too especially if the renovation is on going. However, the main advantage of renovating your house is to increase it's value and quality. As the owner, you will be the one benefiting from it in return.
I was actually planning to renovate my house too but my budget is not enough yet to shoulder all the expenses so I decided to save my money first. I am aiming to renovate my bathroom first. I just want a clean and spotless bath room, a shiny granite sink, spotless floor tiles and an elegant-looking bath tub like those Double Ended Baths I just saw online. Our bathroom is not that wide but still good enough to be occupied by a bath tub and a shower room. After the bathroom would be my kitchen. I want to replace my ceramic tiled lavatory to an immensely beautiful marble countertop. That would be very exciting and cool. I might start renovating the house next year and I am setting it as one of my goals for 2012. Yay! Wish me luck!

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