Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Just Be Responsible

We Filipinos are very conservative and as much as possible we are trying to avoid any conversation that has to relate with sex or any type of pornography. It is a sensitive topic indeed but we have to0 keep in mind that watching porn can be a way for a couple to make their relationship grow stronger. I have read different Health magazine and it has been tackled many times on different columns. They said that watching porn can improve someone's sex life by increasing sexual pleasure and desire through stimulating visual images of positions and techniques and that includes the auditory enhancements including the so called dirty talk and moaning.
Sometimes porn is being used by someone to entertain himself without having sex with someone. But no matter what the reason is , we have to be very responsible in every action that we take.
Pornography has never been an easy to talk issue cause it involves some explicit images that may not be suitable for young audiences so as much as possible you have to keep it privately either keeping it for yourself or you as a couple.
It is not bad to watch porn as long as you know your responsibilities and limitation. As a matter of fact, there are countries today who treat this pornography legally and they even have exclusive stores just for pornography items.
Internet has been a very powerful tool today and even in the field of pornography since you can now access a website in just one click. However, you have to be aware that most websites that contains porn can be very risky and prone to many viruses and other malicious software. I'm not sure if you guys have heard about RealityKings but as far as I know , based on what my friends are telling me, it is a porn xchange and it's more like a database or a directory of all well trusted porn site. You might want to read some reliable RealityKings review if you're in doubt.
Anyway, just like what I sad, just be responsible enough with your action.

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