Saturday, February 11, 2012

Moving On

My Auntie was thinking of moving to a new house after she got separated from her husband. Well, life is sometimes really playful and there are things that we cannot change and we have to move on in order for us to unwind from such depressing and devastating situation. She was thinking of moving to a new house far away from his ex-hubby's place so that she can start her new life.
I really understand what she's going though right now and i think it is a great move for her to look for a new place to begin her brand new adventure.
Good thing she doesn't have any responsibilities yet because she doesn't have any child yet. Anyway, i was trying to help her to find a nice place somewhere in Makati because she preferred to stay there and she's willing to stay there for good.
We're lucky enough to have wide options to choose via Free Real Estate Listings online. We were able to look for some homes for sale near her desired place and she's very eager to move.
Well, her relationship from her former husband ended up completely but it's not the end of her life yet. There might be no way to go back but there's always an option to change. I wish all the best for my Auntie and I admire her braveness. She's a great woman and I salute her for that.

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