Sunday, July 10, 2011

Picture Paints a Thousand Words

Picture paints a thousand words indeed but how can you express the real message of your photos if you failed to take good shots?
Looking at our family photo above? Do you think someone will appreciate this photo if it's really blurry like this? You can't even tell who's who in this picture. Will you ever store this picture in your album if you can't even tell the story behind this event?
Well, i know the first thing to be blamed here is me who took the picture and my camera because it's really outdated.
There are so many cameras today that can produce high quality images. But for someone who is not a gadget savvy like me, i still prefer hiring professional photographer especially for some important occasion like family reunion.
That's exactly what we did last summer. It's pretty rare that our family and relatives to organize a family reunion and we just don't want to miss this once in a lifetime opportunity.
For remembrance, we decided to hire a photographer to capture all those special moments. We might not have any reunion for the next five or ten years so it's better to have something that can help us recall those moments.
So glad that we were able to hire a great photographer. I didn't know that photographers can be reached online too. (thanks for the modern advancement that made our life easier).
I came across a website last night. So in case you're looking for Photographer Portland Service in Oregon, just feel free to visit for more details.
Happy blogging guys

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