Sunday, July 10, 2011

Taking Driving Lesson

I'm so happy to hear that my brother Melvin is taking driving lessons now. As you all know, my younger brother is currently staying with my Uncle because of his work.
His working now under my Uncle's supervision and it's very generous of him to hire a driving tutor for my brother to teach him how to drive.
He just bought a new car for his business and he want my brother to know how to operate the car. I just talked to my brother last night and he told me this very great news. He knows now how to drive but he still needs more practice.
I'm not sure if he will be taking those automotive course soon. But i guess he should because he needs to be aware about the basic troubleshooting so that he can repair the car if ever any trouble occurs.
Or much better if they will list down all those reputable auto repair shop like that Auto Body Phoenix Repair Service in Arizone who is known for their honest and competent service. They have been in the industry since 1996 and well trusted by customers.
I wish they can find something like that in their place. It's very rare to find a shop like that you know.
Anyway, so happy for my brother and will buzz you guys about his driving lesson's progress hehe. See yah!

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